About idealo

idealo is one of the leading shopping and comparison platforms – not just in Germany, but in many other European countries. 

We were founded in the year 2000, with one mission: to help our users make the best possible buying decision. Now, with 1.5 million visitors per day, around 50,000 shops and over 350 million offers, we are among the most popular German e-commerce websites, also enjoying success internationally, with our price comparison service currently in six European countries.

Right in the heart of Berlin, almost 1000 employees from 40 nations are working on the future of online shopping. We focus on agile and self-reliant work, sustainability and a healthy relationship between work and private life.



28 Mio.  

monthly visitors



Our promise to our customers

We are unbiased

At idealo, no-one pays to rank the highest. It’s simple - any shop can go top if they have the cheapest price. All our business partners are screened for integrity, legality and creditworthiness.    

We are neutral 

We don’t sell anything: rather, we give consumers information on the products and offers available in online shops. At idealo, anyone can find expert advice, without being coerced into buying. 

We are transparent 

We help our users to better navigate the often obscure world of online shopping. Using idealo is completely free of charge for all consumers. 

Our price comparison platforms


idealo Shopping 

Founded in Germany in 2000, idealo has gone on to help consumers across Europe find the best deals when they shop online. There are current idealo price comparison websites and apps in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Austria!


idealo Flights

idealo Flights currently holds the German DtGV award for Best Airfare Search Engine, ranking first in the "Prices and Price Transparency" category. With a daily selection of 50 million flights, users have a huge variety of offers to choose from. 




Our Company Culture

idealo's employees are at the core of our success.

First and foremost, we see our employees as individuals, with individual lifestyles that we respect.  At work, our goal is to foster a motivating and fulfilling environment for all. We are constantly strengthening the size and diversity of our workforce, with over 1000 people from 40 countries working for idealo. 







daycare spaces 

Our company philosophy


As a basis for our day-to-day we believe in giving people the space they need, balancing their careers with their private lives. We want to spend our time in an environment where family, personal life and work are in harmony with one another.

Trust is the bedrock this freedom is built upon, both in the relationship between a company and its employees and in the relationships between coworkers. 

Our Company Values

Our company values are an integral part of our company philosophy. They form the foundation for entrepreneurial, ethical and collaborative cooperation.

Openness and Honesty 

We see these two values as the basis for interacting with one another. This allows us to collaborate as a team with mutual trust and to achieve more together and happier than we would alone. 


Courage and Tolerance

We have the courage to assume responsibility for our own work, and to admit to our own mistakes and deal with them. One is nothing without the other.

In the same breath, we show tolerance for the mistakes of others so that it’s easier for everyone to openly admit to their own mistakes


We act with integrity and in accordance with our convictions. We stand behind our statements and follow up our words with action. We cultivate this integrity both within idealo and with respect to our users and partners.